Name Res / GR
1 banzaii  6 / 2
2 OwenDL  43 / 1
3 Pavlusha  32 / 1
4 Owenelf  28 / 1
5 OwenRF  26 / 1

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x100 Fury
Online: 188
Castle Owner: Kill4Fun

New Item and Weapon
Blood Angel, Dark Angel, Holy Angel, Frost, Awakening, Silver Heart, Elit Ancient.
New Wings 4 level
Conqueror, Devil & Angel, Storm, Fate, Soul Curse.
New Map
Acheron, Ferea, Nixie Lake, Swamp Of Darkness, Scotch Canyon, Debenter, Nars.
New Boss
Soul Reaper, Lord Silvester, Core Magriffy, God of Water, God of Darkness, Nix
Lord Ferea, Centaur Boss.


Now, when creating a new character, you will receive a set and weapons for 3 days!

After the expiration of 3 days, things will disappear!
It is impossible to sell, transfer things!



Download and install this Patch for stable client operation, old clients will stop updating and provide access to the game on October 13 at 20:00 server time.



1.Opened store on the site
2.Changed hshop
3.Fixed a bug with a black screen in the lock
In connection with the transfer of the launcher files, you may have problems with the connection to the server, so that there are no problems download and install this
Patch and enter the game only through main.exe