Name Res / GR
1 banzaii  5 / 6
2 Legion  23 / 4
3 DarkMoon  15 / 4
4 Dark  1 / 4
5 Buff  65 / 3

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x100 Fury
Online: 107
Castle Owner: NoMercy
x1000 Pride
Online: 0
Castle Owner: Admin

New Item and Weapon
Blood Angel, Dark Angel, Holy Angel, Frost, Awakening, Silver Heart, Elit Ancient.
New Wings 4 level
Conqueror, Devil & Angel, Storm, Fate, Soul Curse.
New Map
Acheron, Ferea, Nixie Lake, Swamp Of Darkness, Scotch Canyon, Debenter, Nars.
New Boss
Soul Reaper, Lord Silvester, Core Magriffy, God of Water, God of Darkness, Nix
Lord Ferea, Centaur Boss.

Prison -

Server x100

Server x1000

At the end of the prison term, you need to log in to your personal account on the site to remove the block!
Character Account Reason Releases
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